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The Billowing Howls of the Lilac - Mouth Open / Closed

I started this creature from my Creature Kits' African Lion Teeth & Gums set! I wanted to show how far these Teeth Kitbash sets can be changed in unique ways.

Mygalomorph Bears dig a burrow in the ground that is lined with silk and a trapdoor that is difficult to see when it is closed because the plant and soil materials effectively camouflage it. The trapdoor is hinged on one side with silk. They use these burrows to raise their young and for protection. Burrows may reach 15 m in depth and around 1.5 m width. Some of the Mygalomorph Bears dig simple, tube-like burrows, while others excavate additional side tunnels for extra hiding places.

Male Mygalomorph Bears leave their burrows in search of a mate during humid weather. The male dies shortly after mating with the female. The eggs are kept in the mother’s burrow in a cocoon. After hatching, the Mygalomorph Bear cubs stay in the burrow for some time and eventually emerge to dispers.